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EMEKEN aims at studying the biology and clonal heterogeneity of cancer, conducting and supporting basic, translational, applied and clinical research into cancer. It also develops and supports new innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cancer patients.





We aim at..

The aim is to educate, raise awareness and raise awareness amongst the general public, patients, health professionals, researchers and the state on cancer, cancer research, methods of prevention, diagnosis, biology and therapy, and to develop and support initiatives that aim and end to the benefit (physical, psychosocial, moral, emotional, educational) for cancer patients.


The aims of the Company are exclusively scientific, charitable, charitable, humanitarian, social, ecological, natural and cultural and in no way speculative.


  1. The promotion of medical science and the immediate benefit of society as a whole.
  2.     The conduct, support and promotion of clinical, translational, applied and basic research and its applications in oncology (in Greece and internationally), in collaboration with the relevant bodies.
  3.     Organizing and coordinating research efforts aimed at a better understanding of etiology, pathophysiology, immunobiology, clonal heterogeneity and epidemiology
  4.     The provision of resources, logistics, know-how and their availability / use for conducting and supporting research programs as well as approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
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