The aims of the Company are exclusively scientific, charitable, charitable, humanitarian, social, ecological, natural and cultural and in no way speculative.

  1. The promotion of medical science and the immediate benefit of society as a whole.
  2. The conduct, support and promotion of clinical, translational, applied and basic research and its applications in oncology (in Greece and internationally), in collaboration with the relevant bodies.
  3. Organizing and coordinating research efforts aimed at a better understanding of etiology, pathophysiology, immunobiology, clonal heterogeneity and epidemiology
  4. The provision of resources, logistics, know-how and their availability / use for conducting and supporting research programs as well as approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms
  1. Organizing training, teaching and information programs for healthcare professionals, researchers, patients, the public, the state of malignant neoplasms.
  2. The fullest and fastest use of the advances of medical science, both in the diagnostic and therapeutical, as well as in education, prevention and health education, for the benefit of society.
  3. The organization of all kinds of scientific events such as: announcements, lectures, scientific conferences, conferences of Greek and international, for the purpose of education, information for researchers, doctors, public, state and the free movement of ideas and knowledge on the subject of the Society.
  1. Sensitization and activation of public opinion and public administration bodies in the relationship between health and cancer, as well as the development and support of initiatives aimed at and benefiting (physical, psychosocial, moral, emotional, educational) for cancer patients.
  2. Creating scientific conditions for the prevention of cancer in population groups.
  3. The association and cooperation of the Company with other similar organizations, in Greece and abroad, in particular through government agencies, foundations, scientific and other bodies, on any matter related to the Company’s purposes.
  4. Working with competent authorities to provide health care and prevention in areas requiring health and medical care.
  5. The ability to purchase, use or accept the donation / sponsorship of technical or medical equipment, consumables and research, prevention, diagnosis and treatment materials and means of transport for use in accordance with the Company’s purposes.
  6. Accessing all citizens with information on cancer, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, relief, and psychological, emotional and practical support.

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