Working Groups

aiming at research, education, continuing vocational training, scientific and social activity and offering in the respective fields of knowledge

a) Liquid Biopsies
b) Supportive and Palliative Care
c) Post-Analyzes in Oncology
d) Clinical Anti-tumor Therapeutic Approach Tests
e) Postgraduate and Continuing Medical Education
f) Translation Research in Oncology
g) Pathology and Molecular Oncology
h) Immunology Oncology
(i) Multidisciplinary Multidisciplinary Oncology

Supported Research

a) Liver biopsies in colonic neoplasms
b) Liver biopsies in pancreatic tumors
c) Liver biopsies in lung and melanoma neoplasms
d) Immune response to cancer of an unknown primary outbreak
e) Immune response to cerebral metastases
f) Synergy of immune response and radiotherapy in rectal cancer
g) Post-analyzes in oncology
h) Neuroscience function study in breast neoplasms

We cooperate with the following groups

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